Saturday, April 14

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Top Ten Greatest Pot Heads
That's what they say.
Damn! I've never had any of these. I've had a few from some of the brewers, but just not those. I need a beer.
Dumb crap. I don't even know why I posted this. I think it's the 4th grader in me.
Nappy Head Ho's
Oh Well.
Chicago Cops are the best.
He showed her who's boss. Look up this incident. Shows how bad CPD gets.
This shit is nut fuckin' clusters.
So They Won The Superbowl
Peyton Manning is my hero.
And let's just round it up with this.
Can't wait 'til I have kids.

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Anonymous Gina said...

Do you think the coach works more on skating skills, hockey skills, fighting or crawling on the ice??? This shit cracked me up.

6:25 PM  

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