Wednesday, February 1

Just So Cute

If you haven't seen these girls yet, then here they are, Prussian Blue.

Only 13 years old and already have 2 "Pro-White" albums out. Be proud of your race all you want. I'm proud i'm black, I just don't have to slur everybody else to prove it.


Blogger johnny m said...

wow. i saw the follow up to that story on 20/20 or primetime. never sure what to make of them. the "funniest" part of that is that they feel "mud" isn't really a slur. also...ethnic cleansing.'s so over the top that i keep expecting ashton kutcher to run out laughing and shouting "you've been punked" to the news woman.

of course, it's only shocking because news shows don't put it on very often. i'm sure many kids in their communities buy into those philosophies without question.

9:12 AM  

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