Thursday, January 11

Art Imitates Life......Well....Commercials Imitate Life

So have you seen the Carmax commercial in which a girl freaks out on on 16th birthday because her father bought her a car and it was the wrong color? Well if you haven't I have a clip of it right here.
Most of us look at the commercial, laugh, and think to ourselves what a spoiled bitch she must be. Then you step back and say, "It's just a commercial.". Well those ad guys had to get the idea from somewhere.

About three or four days before I saw the Carmax ad, I ran across this video.
The commercial was funny, but the reality behind it is fucking sad and disgusting.

Now how many of us reading this got a car on their sixteenth birthday? I sure as hell know I didn't. Now for those of you that did, tell me, was it new? Was it a Saab? Did you have the nerve to bitch about it being the wrong color?
The cool thing about all this is that, the spoiled bitch in the video has been immortalized on the internet. Any potential mate of hers should be directed to that clip, so he can give his choice a bit more thought.

Once again, she has given me one more reason why I hate people.


Anonymous That Girl said...

I don't consider myself a violent person but I really want to punch her in her fucking throat!!!

1:17 PM  
Blogger wan said...

Wow. Nice entry on this. I had to watch the 2nd video again to see if it was really another ad from Saab. Once again I'm amazed how the words 'truth is stranger than fiction' rings true. Mind if I feature lil Miss Lucky on my page?

1:11 AM  
Blogger Piston said...

Go for it Wan.

12:01 PM  

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