Monday, January 22

Hot Links

Strawberry Pancakes
My favorite flash animation of all time.
Treehouse of Horrors XIV
Plus the rest of Season 15 and Full Season 17
Russian Speed Drinking
Chug a bottle of Vodka
Gobot Love
When I was young, I didn't snotice how obscene this is.
Hail on Earth
Baseball sized hail.
Damn Gringos
Hugo Chavez has ball. Hail sized balls.
Human Slingshot
Be more fun if you were'nt strapped in.
Welcome to the future
I think I haven't owned a cassette tape in 8 years now.
I've Nothing to Say


Anonymous That Stalker Girl said...

While I was watching strawberry pancakes I was thinking 'I'm totally disappointed in him for saying this is his favorite, eh this is boring...." and just as I went to click the X it said 'population 419' and I almost pee'd my pants. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's my favorite too.

7:32 PM  

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