Thursday, January 18

Pocket Change My Ass!

Once again, something that I thought was a joke until I went to the website.

Being rich isn't good enough anymore. These shmucks need help finding a woman.

I bet if I had the type of income you need to have to even get into this thing, I wouldn't have a problem in the world finding women. Hell! They would find me.
Money can't buy you love, but it sure can buy a whore.
That makes me wonder, what kinda Quasimoto type rich douchebag has to go this far to find companionship.

Really I'm just jealous.
Not of the rich men, but of the women.
I wish there was a service like this to hook me up with a rich sugar mama.

Now that's what I'm talkin'!

Check Out The Requirements

"Pocket Change is honoring the age old union of wealthy men and hot girls. Society has taught us to not publicly acknowledge the obvious - no longer dear friends. Women want money in a man, men want beauty in a woman – this is a factual force of nature. Women don’t ask “So, what does he do for a living?” because they’re interested in his personality and guys don’t ask “is she hot?” because they’re concerned with character. Guys know that money buys them the car, the house and the trophy wife. This genetic cleansing is how the wealthy stays beautiful."


Anonymous That Girl said...

I saw this shit on Dr. Phil one day. Crazy shit yo.

12:21 PM  

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