Thursday, May 17

Hot Links

Some people shouldn't get tattoos.
Crazy People Rock Ass
Nut Fuckin' Clusters
Some things just make me smile.
R&B at it's best
Just wanted to make sure nobody forgot about Rick Astley
Don't Smoke Crack
But if you do, do it in moderation.
I can die now
Wait....there's more
I'll stop laughing next week.
Douchebag Central
The mating dance of the species Guidus Douchebagus, the North American Douchebag. Unfortunately NOT an endangered species.
The Truth Revealed
Now I know where all my shit went.
The Walkens
I wanna go to Pirate College
Where's Neon Deon?
I knew something was up with Micheal Irving


Anonymous Gina said...

1) I used to work at a tattoo shop and I have no doubt that they didn't find one bit of that shit funny. I hope her tatto looks like shit. I wanna kick her in the neck after watching that. I was sleeping through some of my tattoos. WTF is she gonna do if/when she has kids? Ok... I need to calm down.
2) The midget made me forget about the stupid trick getting the tattoo.
3) I'm not kidding.

6:22 PM  

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