Saturday, December 30

Street Fighter .......... The Later Years

So what happened to the Street Fighter II characters after the game was over? This series answers the question.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thursday, December 21

Hot Links (Christmas Edition)

I've Got Some Crap For You Just In Time For The Holidays

Merry Fucking Christmas
Sing With Me
Insane Musical Light Display
You Gotta Love The "Final Countdown" Intro

A Hillbilly Christmas
Brandean! Git the lights out the shed!
Worst Present Ever
Winter Wonderland
You Bet Your Ass We Got Tree's
The Santa Clause IV
Still Better Than Air Bud


Tuesday, December 19

Once Upon A Time This Was Me

If the Atari 2600 was never invented, I would have been hit by a garbage truck on my way to an arcade. Thank God for home consoles.

The Real Story of Christmas

Linus would never have told all his buddies the real story of Christmas. BTW...Why was Charlie Brown bald?

Wednesday, December 13

Hot Links

Supermarket Of The Stars
Episode 1
Supermarket Of The Stars
Episode 2
Celebrity Sex Tape
Some more celebs caught doin it. Check out who.
Paulie Shore Knockout
This is for everybody that wanted to hit him for his movies.

Tuesday, December 12

Trapped In The Clauset Part 3

Click It

Sunday, December 10

Trapped In The Clauset Part 2

Click It

Trapped In The Clauset

Click It

Dr. Rockso. The Rock & Roll Clown

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

Wednesday, December 6

Hot Links

Today We Focus On The Pain Of Others

Wheelie Time
Made my face hurt looking at it.
Poolball Slingshot
WTF!?! Stupid Fuckers
Another Greek Tragedy
Dude is tough as nails.
It All Just Hurts
You gotta love this first one.
That dude caught a bad one.

I Love Eggnog Even More Now

Tuesday, December 5

Quote Of The Day

"Why is it that women call men dogs, don't you know that dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth, I guess I should be proud when a woman calls me a dog. "


Hot Links

Sungtines I see things this way.
The Simpsons in a Japanese Commercial
w/ Flavor Flav
Cordyceps Fungi Attack
Learn Something Bitches!
Nipple Piercing
It's Original Alright
Bungee Jump
The Most Insane Jump I've Ever Seen. Damn Frenchies.

Try This In The Pro's

This kid hurdling the defender kicks ass.
I wanna see Chicago Bears running back Thomas Jones or Cedric Benson pull that off.

Monday, December 4

CTA Needs To Think About Improvements

Busking lap dancer gyrates on metro-pole

Paul Bompard, Rome

A pretty pole-dancer is giving a new twist to busking and brightening up late-night journeys for commuters on Milan’s underground trains.

The girl, in her twenties and made up to resemble a cat, boards trains wearing a long black overcoat and carrying a portable stereo. When the doors close she throws off her coat and dances to the stereo in a black latex girdle with red silk ribbons, black fishnet stockings with pink ribbons around her thighs, black boots to just above the knee and shiny, black, fingerless gloves.


A + B = C

The Real Dahlsim

If thought the midget fight kicked ass, you're gonna love this one.

Hot Links

Hardcore Wheelchair Riding
This kid makes skaters look like bitches. Using there legs like pussies.
Hop Along
Fuck having a bike seat
Knock Offs
I want a Sqny Sqawkman
Dolemite Kicks Ass!
Cops, Coke, and Boom mics

Quote Of The Day

"He said he knows who he got it from, but I'm gettin' tested anyway."

-Over Heard Cell Phone Conversation-

Friday, December 1

My City

Hot Links