Thursday, February 23

Ah... 5 minutes of peace. by C

Ah... 5 minutes of peace.

I sit.
Liquid waste flows from my body.
Not expecting anything more,
I contemplate when this day will cease.
Ah, well...
At least,
I have 5 minutes of peace.


Some Old Stuff

Sunday, February 19

Kill Mario

Thursday, February 16

Now I Poop by C

Leavn for the day
Hey, its all good. Got nothing to say.
Shit load of wrk left, feel like I'm stuk n goop.
But @ the end of the day I can stil poop!


Saturday, February 11

Chuck Jeans

These pants give you the ability to roundhouse kick anyone to death.

Previous Chuck

Thursday, February 9

Top Gun 2 - Brokeback Squadron

Sunday, February 5

Damn I Love Cartman

Friday, February 3

Can I Borrow a Feeling

Kirk VanHouten singing his smash hit "Can I Borrow a Feeling?".

Demotivational Posters

You know those motivational posters you see in the HR department and break room of every job? Well, I found a bit of a twist on those.
Check out a few

Thursday, February 2

Hot Links

Now Thats A Talent!

Five Reasons Why The Goonies Roxass

We've all seen it, we all loved it, and if you didn't, then you just suck ass bigtime. Here's a brief summary of why it kicked ass so much.

1. The whole plot revolved around a pirate. One eyed Willy. Pirates kick ass, so of course any movie about them or with them will in turn kick ass.

2. It had the four components for an 80's movie with kids. There was the fat kid, the wisecracker, the Asian kid, and the dreamer. Put 'em all together, and we have ourselves a wacky adventure.

3. The Fratellis. Anne Ramsey was great as Mama Fratelli. That woman was just scary by herself. No wonder Danny DeVito wanted to throw her from a train.
Don't forget Joe Pantoliano (aka Joey Pants) played one of her bungling sons.

4. Corey Feldman. What's an 80's movie without him? A FLOP!! I guess a bunch of movies with him are flops too.

5. Sloth. Need I say more.

There are a million more reasons why, but these are the only ones my liquor soaked mind can think of right now. Let me know if you have anymore.

Another Poem By "C"

Pondering... So here I sit again.
Forcing gastric anomolies from a place I can not see.
From my left, I hear other sounds sounds similar to thee.


Ode to My Sweaty Croch by C

O my sweaty croch.
When I poop I feel my underwear...
They are wet.
With sweat.
From my sweaty croch.


If you would like more information on croch sweating,Click Here.

Wednesday, February 1


Earlier today the founder of Sybaris, and one of the owners of Shaw's Crab House, died in a plane crash near Palwaukee Municipal Airport in Wheeling, Illinois. The other two victims were identified as Michael Waugh and Scott Garland. As of this posting, the victims haven't been officially identified by the medical examiner, but their families came foward to confirm the 4 passengers identity.

The full story and video are both available here.

Just So Cute

If you haven't seen these girls yet, then here they are, Prussian Blue.

Only 13 years old and already have 2 "Pro-White" albums out. Be proud of your race all you want. I'm proud i'm black, I just don't have to slur everybody else to prove it.