Wednesday, July 15

My Favorite SNL Commercial Parodies

Over the years Saturday Night Live has made fun of many commercials, and made many fake ones too. This is a sampling of some of the best ones I've seen.

I also found an archive of every commercial SNL has ever done

Let's kick it off with "Colon Blow"

What about the robots? I don't know why scientist make them?

A Tracy Morgan classic.

When they show Doug at the end, it's funny as hell.

This is an old old classic. One of the best.

And now Eddie Murphy back when he was funny.

Monday, July 6

Why Is Hitler So Funny To Me?

Hitler On Micheal Jackson

Hitler and T.O.

Hitler Loved Brett Favre

Hitler Finds Out What,s Up

And Finally,
Hitler Learns of the Subtitles