Sunday, January 6

Breaking News About Don Cheadle

International Scandal: Don Cheadle Planned Darfur Genocide To Create Film Role
I knew he was up to something. I bet Wesley Snipes is in on it too.

I MUST See This Movie

Friday, January 4

Cut You Up Wth a Linoleum Knife

Quote Of The Day

"Old people are supposed to buy expensive watches"

-Anastasia Frizell-

Hot Links (First Of The Year)

What The Fuck!?
Something is wrong with this little girl.
Ram Tough -Vs- Army Strong
Will Ferrell roXass
"I am this close to raping you!!"

Human Tetris

This shit is pretty cool.

Who Wants Gary's Pants?

"What chu thalkin' 'bout Piston!?" is what you may be asking right now.

Gary Coleman's Pants. Thats what I'm talkin' 'bout.

That's right people, THEE Gary Coleman's very own pair of signed khakis are available, on ebay, for a limited time only.

Currently these tiny trousers are going for $100. And as you can see above, Mr. Coleman even took the time out of his day to model these, fine size 12 regular Gap Kids khakis, for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, January 3

Viva La Bacon!!

"Everything should taste like bacon", they say. Well....They're damn right!
When Dena told me about this stuff, I thought she was just throwing words together at random. I mean, I know what bacon is. I know what salt is. But together as a seasoning!?
You gotta be shittin' me!
I want my popcorn to taste like bacon. I will put this stuff on bacon to make it taste more like bacon. I will create a world where all things lead to bacon.
Now only if they had "Ham Salt", or "Fried Chicken Salt".
A man can dream, right?

Click here to get your own

Wednesday, January 2

Quote Of The Day

"It's cool to be drunk on the bus on Christmas Eve"

-Harold L. Mason-