Tuesday, September 25

Street Fighter Returns

College Humor.com has finally posted the 4th episode in the ongoing saga Street Fighter The Later Years.

Check out the earlier episode Right Here

Monday, September 24

Trapped in the Drive - Thru

Making fun of R. Kelly never gets old.

Monday, September 17

Neon Deion

So I was watching the NFL channel's highlight show hosted by Deion Sanders, and all I could think about was this song.

And just in case you wanted you witness some more of Mr. Sanders musical talent, here's one more for ya. Keep your eye's open for Jean Claude Van Damme.
That's right, Van Damme, Hammer, and Neon Deion all in the same video.

Wednesday, September 12

Slackin' Off

For the few of you that still seem to drop by this blog.....I promise I will quit slackin' off and post a huge update by this weekend. Damnit!! I Swear I will!!