Thursday, June 18

Hot Links

Sharp Ass Knife
I just like knives okay.
When Tattoos Go Wrong
Hey you, with the stars in your eyes.
Obama's A Fucking Ninja
Ninja I tell you.
Stuffed Crust
Why Pizza?
The Top 10 Videos that Put Hair on Our Palms
Who doesn't love the stuff?
Treadmill Fail
The slow-mo makes it all worth while.
Apple's Not Playing Games
I better destroy my iBomb

Tuesday, June 16

Commercial Parodies Crack Me The Fuck Up

The Snuggernaut commercial was great, but this one had me laughing my ass off.

Thursday, June 11

Danny DeVito Drunk as Hell

At 8am Danny DeVito is drunk as a hell giving and ruining an interview on the set of "It Always Sunny in Philly". Even better than the time he was drunk on the view.
Watch It Here

Straight From The Man In Hawaii

Sunday, June 7

I'm Not A Doctor, I Just Play One On U.S. Television

Saturday, June 6

A Date With A Cop

Friday, June 5

Let's Paint Our Twangers

Some Dude Gets His Wife Raped of the Day