Thursday, August 21

Kick That Monsters Ass

Saturday, August 9

Dave Chapelle in London

Pictured: The moment a man punched a girl off her feet during a Facebook water fight

This is the moment a girl was punched off her feet during a water fight in a park in which nine people were arrested.

Nine people were arrested for assaulting police and affray at the event, which attracted 250 youngsters to Kensington Gardens, close to Princess Diana's former home.

It was intended as a fun way to cool down in the blistering heat, but tempers flared after the girl doused a young man with a fizzy drink.

After covering his T-shirt with the red liquid she ran away laughing, but her victim failed to see the funny side.

He chased her and punched her in the face, knocking her off her feet and leaving her helpless on the ground.

By Daily Mail Reporter
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You gotta check out the other pictures from this article.

So Long Bernie Mac

One of Chicago's best, and one of my favorite comedians died this morning.
Bernie Mac. I always loved how he advocated smacking kids when they get out of line. He's really gonna be missed in this town. We treat our local celebrities here like gods and superheros. Look at R.Kelly, he's a fuckin' pedophile and we still love him. Mr. Mac was actually a good guy. He'll be missed.
Here's some clip's for a good laugh.
Bernie Mac on Def Comedy Jam
Mac on Work and Kids
Bernies First Time On Def Comedy Jam

Thursday, August 7

It just doesn't look right. Brett Favre in a New York Jets uniform.
Check Him Out

Disney's Children - Education For Death

Wednesday, August 6

Pee Wee's Drug House

Sunday, August 3

Hot Links

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Makes me want a beer. NOW!

Saturday, August 2

Think You Know Football.

Friday, August 1

Phantom Diner

ROCHESTER, NY—Reported sightings of Rochester's legendary "phantom diner," a mysterious restaurant that purportedly appears only to those in the most inebriated state of their lives, are often met with skepticism and incredulity. But for Leo Kline, 24, who claims he visited the diner this past weekend, the apparitional eatery is all too real.
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