Wednesday, May 21

Beer Can Launcher Explosion

Is that Charles Bronson?

Saturday, May 17

Hot Links

What The Fuck!?
Uuuuuhhh, okay.
Class Coming Out Of Her Ass
But what's going in it?
Bible History
What about a pillar of oregano.
Get Directions To Some Whores
Oakland is the shit.
Get Some Skully
Best Bong Ever!
Makin' Bacon
What can I say, I love bacon and boobs.

Friday, May 16

What's In A Name?

Thursday, May 15

Hot Links

Attack Of The Space Nazis
Iron Sky. I gotta see this movie or whatever it is.
Bjork Stalker Suicide Video
I think the most disturbing part of this is the painted nipples.
Law Enforcement
Sungtines we get hungry.
I'd end up killing myself on this thing.
Shut Your Fuckin' Mouth!!!
Just scroll thru the pix
The Lions Best Tackler
Check his moves out at the 1:10 mark
Glass door Vs. Woman
This is a riot.

Welcome To The House Of Cosby

I saw episode #1 about 3 years ago, and now I finally found the rest of the series.

The House Of Cosby's

Curiosity Cosby is the shit. :-)
Episode #1

Cosbyette Is Here
Episode #2

Cosby #100 is Cloned and Cosbyette is Pregnant?!
Episode #3

Assholivore's, Alien TV, and More Cosby
Episode #4

"..cease and desist.."
Episode #5

Blooper Reel

Wednesday, May 14

C'mon, Just Say It......It's 'cause he's black.

I love this video. Just listen to all the half-assed reasons people give for not supporting O'bama. I'd at least have a drop of respect for them if they would just go ahead and tell the truth. Everyone wants to be racist, but nobody want to be a racist. I think they believe that if they don't say right out that they won't vote for him because he's black, then that makes everything okay.

BTW...Where did that chick get the Muslim thing from. Did she just miss the whole REVEREND Wright incident. You know, O'bama's minister.

I'm Scared Of The Other Race

Hot Links

I really don't know what this is.
I just had to watch it twice though.
The Fabulous Life
Tony Starks
Santa's Off Day
He's a stud
Helluva Name
His real name is Bruce Kent
This S-word rock's A-Word
She Must Be High
Wanna Wrestle?
"It's real to me"
What the hell!?
Weirdest jersey ever
Only Taco's
Sorry Sir, We're Out of Taco's
Baby on Board

Fetal Scooby-Doo

This thing turns out to be a commercial for TV Funhouse, but the cartoon is funny as hell.