Monday, December 17

Two Girls One Cup

Now This video was a reaction to the one that I have posted below. I ran across this while looking for stuff for "Hot Links".
Enjoy. ;-)

Hot Links (Christmas Edition).....kinda

Starting Young
This has nothing to do with the Holidays, but I had to post it anyway. (Woah..that rhymes.)
Christmas Dinner Gone Mad
Let's Dew The Tree
Wrestling The Way I Like It
2 Chicks, a lot of KY Jelly, and a Midget (NSFW)
Face Plant
Have a Naughty XXX-Mas
Merry Freakin' X-Mas
Helluva Headline
Santa Cop
Keep On Truckin'
Guess they don't have tow trucks there.
Sick and Funny(NSFW)

Sunday, December 16

ODB in The Place To Be

This is and always will be my favorite Wu-Tang Clan song.
Old Dirty Bastard aka Dirt McGirt aka Osirus aka Rusty aka Big Baby Jesus aka Dirt Shultz is my freakin' idol.

Monday, December 3

Hot Links