Saturday, December 5

Who Doesn't Love a Trainwreck

So for the last couple of months or so, has been listing the "Top 100 Celebrity Trainwrecks".

So far they've made it to #79, and they've been pretty spot on with the choices. I was suprised to see Glenn Beck on the list, because I never considered that right wing douche to be a celebrity. Not that I'm a big left winger, Glenn Beck is just an asshole. But anyway...

Check out the Trainwreck 100
The Worlds Most Worthless Celebrities.

Friday, December 4

FBF Goes For One More

Petra Todd

Brought to you by Celeb

Funbag Friday Ain't Over Yet Folks

Lil' Wayne's A Fuckin' Idiot

So this so called "rapper" is telling the story of when he was "raped" when he was 11. This is some dumb ass shit, I'm not sure why I posted it.

Cartman Sing Lady Gaga Pokerface

Fun Bag Friday Part 2

It's none other than Ice T's wife Nicole "CoCo" Austin.
She's here nude in Playboy in all of her photoshopped glory. Don't get me wrong...I'd still hit it. :-)

Hookers Hookers Hookers

When the Google car rolls by, it see's what it see's. So the fellas at put together a nice little gallery of roadside hookers from across the globe. Who doesn't love drive up scootch.
Hookers 'Round The World

Pepsi Fire and Ice!?!? WTF!?

So over the years Pepsi has apparently released a number of product that just didn't take off. Some seem to be regional "delights", while others I've seen in store here in the Midwest.

Here's the rest of the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

It's Funbag Friday

I usually keep it clean, but today I dedicate my post to one of my favorite things... BOOBS!

You want big? I got big right here.
Or would you prefer to sit in on a meeting of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?

Now that that's out of the way.....

Carmen Electra
Still lookin' good.

Pam Anderson
Had to toss this gallery in for old times sake.

Alley Bagget(Official website)
Unofficial Website(The Good Shit)
She's not quite a celeb, but another one of my favorites.

Serena Williams
For whatever it's worth.

More to come throughout the day...