Thursday, June 21

Pacman Fever

Don't Whizz On The Electric Fence

Geeksta Rap

Is it Christmas? 'Cause everybodies rappin.

Wednesday, June 13

Go Bronco's

In January, Joshua Vannoy, 18, filed a lawsuit against the Big Beaver Falls School District near Pittsburgh for the disruption to his high school years when he and his family were forced to moved to another school district because Joshua was being too harshly taunted. His troubles stemmed from an incident a year earlier, just before a Denver-Pittsburgh playoff football game when Joshua chose to wear a Broncos jersey to class and was then forced by one teacher to sit on the floor and endure paper wads being thrown at him because he was, according to the teacher, a "stinking Denver fan." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1-17-07]

Never Make a Deal With a Leprechaun

23 Nights In Paris

Ludwig Mies Vah Der Rohe

Saturday, June 2

Ahhhhhhh, The Sweet Smell Of The Onion.

Hank Williams Jr. Honored By Institute For Football Preparedness

I think I'm ready for some football. Or at least Arena Ball.

Sorry Roger, You Tiger Now.

This shit is just too damn funny. I don't know why. Maybe it's the guy's accent. I dunno, but I can't stop laughing.